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Purchase or Refinance

Investment Properties

Investment Financing Options

There are may ways to finance an investment property. What type of property and what you plan to do with it will be major deciding factors on the loan type.


Fix & Flip

House flipper special! If you are buying a property that needs work and are planning on selling when the work has been completed - this is the loan for you. Typically set up as a 1 year interest-only loan.

Image by Brandon Griggs


Multi-family building with more than 8 units fall somewhere between rental and commercial.  Net operating income may be used vs. market rent analysis. 

Apartment Building

Rental - DSCR

Great for experienced and first-time landlords, this loan is based on the potential income your rental property will make and not on your personal income. Typically for 1-8 unit properties.

Entrance of an Indian Restaurant


Retail, restaurants, industrial buildings, office spaces, and more.  Tailored to the individual loan and property.

Beach Town

Rental - AirBnB

Short term rentals such as AirBnb and Vrbo can be financed on the same program as a long term rental- based off of current or potential income. A rental analysis will need to be completed.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Hard Money

Hard money is most often used when you need to close fast or other financing fell through.  Hard money is usually high interest rates and short pay-off terms.

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